A kinematic sampleholder fixes the sample to the translation stage (figure 1). With this sampleholder the sample can be aligned and inspected off-line from the instrument which helps to minimize the down-time and thermal disturbances on the instrument during sample loading.

Features of interest on the sample surface are aligned to the scanning range of the instrument by moving the sample and spacer over the sampleholder surface (x, y, rotation) or changing the thickness of the spacer (z).

Samples with diameters of up to 11 mm can be scanned fully, the maximum sample that can be accommodated is 23 mm in diameter and 4 mm thick.

Figure 1 gives the procedure of unlocking and removing the sampleholder from its kinematic mount.
a:sampleholder locked b:unlocking c:removal with a bellow-type
vacuum gripper (pen-VAC®)
figure 1: sampleholder with a dummy sample (ø15 x 4) and the kinematic mount

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